Camping with Gyulai sausage MagyarBrands awards SIAL 2022

ERU Food Trading Ltd's main activity is the distribution of high-quality food products. We pay special attention to the well-known, traditional Camping processed cheese. In addition we offer several innovations, specilaties, like: gourmet jams, beverages, condiments, sauces, and other delicacies. We focus on the content and the appearance of our products, to meet the current needs of consumers.

Camping with Gyulai sausage

The new Camping cheese with Gyulai sausage is now available. The Gyulai sausage is incomparably delicious thanks to its characteristic spicy, smoky taste. Excellent for sandwiches, as a pizza sauce, for hot sandwiches, or even on its own. It is also excellent for cream soups and pasta sauces.

MagyarBrands awards

We are very proud that in 2022 Camping cheese won the recognition of MagyarBrands in both the Excellent Consumer Brand and Innovative Brand categories. Our company was also awarded in the Excellent Business Brand category. Thank you very much!


SIAL 2022

October 15-19, 2022 the SIAL Paris 2022 food industry exhibition was held. The event, which was previously canceled due to the pandemic, was held again after 4 years. More than 200 countries were represented at the exhibition, which was attended by 265,000 professionals. We were there too!